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8 Reasons to be Single | JabarPos Media

You guys asked for this, so here it is: 8 reasons to be single. Being in a relationship has rewarding experiences. When you’re with a healthy partner, you learn to grow with someone, step out of your comfort zone, and your social life expands as you build connections with their family members and friends. But, being single has its benefits, too. Do you relate? #singlesmovement anyone?

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  1. I battled for almost a decade to not be single, but along the way, I finally grew to love myself. I used to hate myself soooooooo much because I cared so much about what everybody says about me. Now, I don't care what anybody has to say & I love myself everyday. So much to the point I tell myself "I love myself" in the mirror. Aside from my love life, I would always get 1% away from being in that relationship, but due to baggage & the person I would be pursuing at the time, I just wasn't important enough to be a priority, someone who didn't matter, or an ex they couldn't figure their feelings out over. Luckily, from not being with those women, I still turned out great. No kids, no drama, no life in jail, and this is from checking their backgrounds now compared to the past. All I can ask for is for someone to be themselves.

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