$599 Laptop – Acer Aspire E15 – QUAD CORE! – Review | JabarPos Media

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Judul : $599 Laptop – Acer Aspire E15 – QUAD CORE! – Review | JabarPos Media
Link: $599 Laptop – Acer Aspire E15 – QUAD CORE! – Review | JabarPos Media

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$599 Laptop – Acer Aspire E15 – QUAD CORE! – Review | JabarPos Media

Acer Aspire E15 — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2Gtk48D
14 Games Tested on Aspire E15 — https://youtu.be/iMcBPE9e0G4
Acer Predator Helios 300 — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2CvAgUm
14 Games Tested on Predator Helios 300 — https://youtu.be/pfXhe9YDG3E

Specs of this PC:
Intel i5-8250U CPU – 4 Core / 8 Thread
8GB DDR3-1600 RAM (1x8GB)
GeForce MX150 2GB
256GB Solid State Drive
Open 2.5″ Bay for a Hard Drive
15.6″ 1080p IPS Display
Built-in Web Cam
White Backlit Gaming Keyboard + Trackpad
AC WiFi + Bluetooth 4
1x USB 2 + 2X USB 3.0 + 1x USB 3.1 Type C Ports
HDMI + VGA + RJ-45 Ethernet Ports
Windows 10 Home

Optional Upgrades:
2TB Seagate Gaming SSHD — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2CyDGFC
500GB SSD — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2qsl5tv
8GB DDR3-1600 — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2DPpMUu


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  1. Pros & Cons Included in this video – I worked really hard on this one to provide a balanced look and point out the good and bad parts of this laptop. It isn't perfect, but nothing at this price point is. If you have $600 to spend, if you're looking for value for the money at this level, you would be hard pressed to do better than this one.

    NOTE – My 2 thumbs up recommendation on this is not based on it being "The Best Laptop" on the market, which I think some people hear when something gets "2 thumbs up". Rather it is "The Best $600 Laptop" on the market for general work, home, school use in a reasonable common size (15.6") with great all-around features.

    It isn't right for everyone, but from my experience, this hits that sweet spot of price/performance/features that will meet the needs of a majority of budget laptop buyers while providing years of great computing.

  2. Absolutely the best pro vs cons explanation. I just linked to purchase and noticed the option to get the i7 8550u. Do you feel there is a substantial performance difference to support the extra $200.00 price premium?

  3. Yes this laptop, is a trouper I got an klder version from 2014, and it ran great. then back in October 2016, I was eating cereal, and spilled it on the laptop, I fixed it up, and had it under a fan for 4 months, and I started using it again. It ran pretty bad, compared to before, but it did well enough to run my FL Studio with no problems. It kept going until this morning, I can probably try to fix it again, but at this point I'll just get a new laptop.

  4. this laptop that he's reviewing has 1/8 thread core i5 with dedicated to gigabyte graphics this thing can handle editing 4K video. I had the previous generation core i3 model was an upgraded to 8 gigabytes of RAM and it easily easily easily edited 1080p video just fine with no issues so this one can definitely handle editing 4K video but to get the full resolution you would want a monitor that was capable of displaying the 4K content back. There is no reason at all why this setup here cannot handle editing 4K video.

  5. After a Year does this still hold up well? I'm a college student looking for a replacement for my 8-year old laptop that doesn't hold a battery charge anymore. I just got some money back from taxes and this looks to be in my price range.

    I do some light gaming with League of legends, slay the spire, and if this can handle it I'll give Apex Legends a shot. I typically run a few programs and am looking to be using this for engineering work, which uses programs like Microsoft office, Origin, and TA Universal Analysis. I'll be doing lots of multi-tasking and am seriously considering this because of the great GPU especially.

    I know this is an old video so you might not see the comment, but any pointers or experience you have would be amazingly appreciated.

  6. I'm a new computer programming student and I would like to purchase a computer that can handle coding, the creation of games or 3D apps like blender and games for a decent price. Is this a laptop for me? If not, what would you recommend?

  7. So mr. Tech how good are usb ports on this laptop?
    I had some Dell before in this price range with i5 3rd gen and they just start dieing.
    And that for me is the most important on any laptop because of connectivity with music gear and when you play live using laptop and suddenly your mixer or control stop working … its a serious problem.

  8. To be honest, this is a good laptop. Mine's not like that, but it's almost the same thing (mine's a A515-51G compact version).
    The pro about this is that when idle, with no programs running, the whole thing is silent (unless you have a hard drive, that's the only thing you are hearing). I also like the feature you can swap out the M.2 slot, fan, RAM memory, and PCIE chip (the Wifi card).
    The con about this is that it can get hot when you play more demanding power games, and where it gets hot is near the Esc button and at the buttons with the W,A,S,D,E,R,Q, and the first numbers. I also don't like that when I have it on my lap, whenever I play games, the heat is dispersed onto one side of my leg, and as a result, it feels like my leg is being fried.
    One thing I wish Acer would include for the next builds of these laptops are having dual fans, to disperse the air flow to the side away from my legs, and to maybe include a better, high performance intergrated graphics like a GTX 980 (because the GTX 1080 and the RTX series are just overkill, IMO). The geforce 940mx on mines is okay, and so will be the mx150, but when you're trying to unlock all the cuda cores in both those graphics card, they only limit you to one full core as the rest are meant for caching, which sucks.
    But that's just in my opinion.

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