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3 Things To Maximize Fat Loss During Ramadan | JabarPos Media

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There isn’t a day that’s gone by where a question hasn’t come in regarding fasting and of course it’s an even more popular topic with Ramadan. In this video I give give Chris the green light t present on fasting for fat loss.

Chris is my lead trainer here at morellifit HQ. I brought Chris on and started developing hi about 3mo ago after a very intense and lengthy interview process.

Chris passed all of the tests. He has passion, a new found purpose (morellifit), the best intention, and so far he continues to blow me away with his effort and drive for excellence. It’s not every day you meet a Chris.

I was lucky to find him and even luckier when he accepted the position. His goal is to help people and while he has been doing that at the top fitness clubs throughout AZ, now he gets to take that passion and help millions more with infinite poetical in the online fitness space under morellifit.

Chris is exactly what I continue to seek and I grow and expand this fitness juggernaut. We are relatively new (18mo), but our focus, drive, transparency, accessibility, and integrity make us a real player in this space.

I hope you enjoy the video. It was Chris’ very first. I will continue to work and mold him — his journey is going to be fun to watch. He wants this so damn bad — it’s refreshing to see.

Watch and learn our top 3 tips for increasing fat loss, staying on track, and hitting your fitness goals, during any fast.

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  1. Ramadan just like anything else is about ones intention to fast for the sake of Allah, it is not meant to be used for the intention of dieting or to say "perfect I will use Ramadan to intermediate fast" NO! Ramadan is not for the intention of diet yet for the intention of remembrance toward Allah, learning patience and humbling ourself's for realizing we are "Wealthy", because we have food every day on our table while someone out there does not"

  2. My dear brothers and sisters WATCH YOUR INTENTION!

    We are not fasting the month of Ramadan to loss fat. If that is your intention you are not receiving the reward of Ramadan and there is no point in fasting the month of Ramadan if your true goal in the back of your mind is to loss weight. To internalize the words of the Quran and gain taqwa is the reason why we fast. Be honest with yourself because this month is a significant month due to this being the month in which the Quran was sent down. The point of Ramadan is maybe that you hopefully gain Taqwa (always being aware of Allah) and to also reconnect and rediscover the Quran and truly understand the ayat and the words Allah is telling you. I care for you please don’t let your opinion of yourself damage the connection you could build with Allah this month.

  3. We fast in Ramdan to increase God conciousness(Discipline) in our life,Ramdan is more than just fasting, it's worship for a muslim. It's very wrong to fast with "intention" of weight loss, rather than intention to get closer to Ur creator with pious deeds.

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