💝 How to Be Happy Single & G̶o̶o̶d̶ Great On Your Own | Overcoming Heartbreak | JabarPos Media

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💝 How to Be Happy Single & G̶o̶o̶d̶ Great On Your Own | Overcoming Heartbreak | JabarPos Media

I distilled how I overcame my last heartbreak in about 7 “steps,” along with the nuggets of wisdom I enlightened to along the way of learning how to be happy on my own. A few of you guys have asked about relationship advice and tips on how to be single so here goes nasing. First of many relationship videos to come in the #ArtofBeingAloneButNotLonely Series?? Let me know if this is a topic you’re interested in 💕

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📝 Timestamps & Mentions 📝

➊ [1:30] “Two mediocrities never make one great company”
╰ Book: Good to Great

➋ [3:47] Your “person” does not need to be your significant other
╰ Article: You Already Have Everything You Need (Mark Manson)

➌ [5:21] Take time to make sense of the past
╰ Book: The Five People You Meet in Heaven
╰ Article: How to Get Over Someone and Move On With Your Life (Mark Manson)

➍ [7:39] Try to let go of the past (so that you can be present)
╰ Book: The Power of Now

➎ [8:34] Focus on you

➏ [10:37] Make the best of this “alone” time

➐ [12:56] Follow the course of nature

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  1. Hay Rowena, I love you so much. You're definitely one of my favourite youtubers when it comes to learning how to be my best self. You're so real and somehow I can always relate to your words. Just want to let you know it loud and clear hahaha. Anyway back to the being single topic. Having had two really bad heart brake experience I can relate so much to this video. But I'm wondering if you can do a video on how to still be your true self when in a relationship and how to love without holding back because of the past experience. Because I find it equally hard . Sending love from London and please do a meet up if you ever come here.
    Best wishes, Jingyi

  2. Hi Rowena! I'm so grateful that I found your channel. I literally watch your videos every single day. You are such a inspiring, positive, beautiful and amazing person. Your videos are really helping me to appreciate everything in life and to live it in a best possible way. So Thank you so much. 💜

  3. I'll be honest with you Rowena, I cried so so hard watching this video, it felt so emotionally relieving. I've been single my entire life and to see people my age or even people younger than me be in relationships and experienced more than I have ever had, it makes me very sad and very anxious. I've constantly felt like I'm doing something wrong or that something is not right with me, I'm not normal, simply because everyone seems like they're getting action, or they're in a satisfying relationship. I keep feeling like I'll run out of time to experience being in a relationship despite the fact that I'm only 20 years old. I think, all of this has resulted in me being very insecure about myself, and it's allowed me to shift more of the responsibility on my future partner to fix my insecurities. So, I'd like to thank you, for reminding me that I can be my own person, and that I don't need to have a relationship to be content with who I am. I'd like to thank you for reminding me that a relationship will not fix my problems and my deep rooted insecurities, and that I have to take the time to figure it out and unlearn my toxic view of myself. Talking to some of my friends have made me realise that I've done myself a favour for not going after mediocre relationships because it'll eventually leave me regretful. I think I've come back to this video for the third time now, to remind myself of all of this and I just, I just really want to thank you for putting this video out.

  4. Wow Rowena!I always love your content and your spirituality,and today I accidentally read one of your video description ..and I see that you're practising falun gong as well😀!

  5. I love you! The person I’ve been looking for my whole life is sitting right here! It’s me! 😍 I am married but my hubbs is gone months at a time for work and I’m having to learn to be my own happiness. Thanks for the reminder – I actually do know best how to make me happy 😂

  6. this video was pure wisdom and i loved every second of it !❤ thank you so much Rowena , your words made me feel sooo much better and i totally agree on every single point you said ! you're the best ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. Rowenaaaa! This hit me somehow ! Ive been struggling for somewhat 4 years or so about the significant other! How i strongly and deeply desire for romantic or platonic significant other but never had the privilege of ! This branched from the reason ive always envied others who had proper support system and i hated my broken self and feel so trapped idk how to get out anymore. At the very least i have the answer now just i have yet to fully comprehend it. Well, i'll take my steps slowly now 😀 and do my best to move on from the desire. Thank you so much, Rowena!

  8. I'm 20 and my boyfriend broke up with me two months ago. After three weeks I thought I was over it, but then I started feeling bad physically with a fast heartbeat, troubles breathing probably and feeling like I have a lump in my throat. I decided to start seeing a psychologist which is really good but also so hard since I'm slowly realizing that I have been neglecting myself for the past many years. Your videos are so great and I love watching them and what you say really resignation with me, cause it is so true but I just don't or can't realize it.

  9. I related with this so much! When you get to know yourself so much more, it might feel harder to get someone with a like mind. I’d thought I just had too-high standards 😑

  10. I've only recently found your channel and your videos, but I am loving everything, especially this series. It's that season of my life, and I am so grateful I found your channel to help enlighten me on this journey.

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